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What to Expect

Weather on the day

If we anticipate any weather issues, we will call you at least an hour prior to your pickup or booking on the day of your skydive, if not before. Don’t sweat the weather though – we can re-book you on the spot or issue a full refund if you can’t do another day.

Aerial view of tandem skydiving in New Zealand

Welcome to the Drop Zone!

We’ll be stoked to see you and very excited for you! First, we will introduce you to our friendly staff and get you to fill out a small form. You are now in skydiver mode!

a group of people sitting at a table

Get a quick briefing

It’s instruction time for your exit and freefall. It’s all very simple and straightforward. If you have a dedicated cameraperson, they will have a quick interview with you on the ground. Yes…it’s really happening!

a person sitting in a room

Wait for Your Call

Chill time! Just relax and enjoy our free WIFI internet and enjoy parachute spotting from the ground!

a person lying on a colorful blanket

Get Geared Up

When your turn comes (excitement mounts), you will get geared up into your jumpsuit, harness, hat, and goggles. Super cool.

a man wearing a costume

Meet Your Master

Now you meet your Tandem Master!  go over the jump brief and any concerns you may have, they will put you at ease with there knowledge and experience, our tandem masters have collectively done 150000 jumps
a woman wearing a hat talking on a cell phone

Board the Plane

In the plane – the camaraderie really kicks in and any nerves soon turn to excitement. Enjoy the amazing view as your Tandem Master points out the incredible scenery you’re surrounded by. Your cameraperson will also be capturing photos in the plane. You’ll feel like a star! You are!

a group of people in a field

Jump Time!

Once the door of the plane opens, you will feel and hear the rush of the wind. You will see other people exit the plane and your Tandem Master will move you to the door, all connected, and in a few seconds – you’ll be stepping off into an epic freefall experience! You won’t feel your tandem master on your back, you will feel as light as a feather – but rest assured he or she is there!

Girl smiling ready for skydive jump

Freefall at 200kph!

You will experience a huge rush leaving the aircraft – but just as quickly notice that the sensation of the roaring wind below you actually cushions you as you travel speeds of 200kph (120mph). During freefall, your cameraperson (if you opted for our Camera Flyer) will be able to come close to you, possibly even hold your hands and capture your facial expressions as you freefall through one of the most beautiful skies on earth.

a man flying through the air while riding a motorcycle

Float Through Paradise

Then wow – the rush turns to extraordinary peace when at approximately 5,000 feet, your parachute opens, and you gently drift over the Abel Tasman with breathtakingly beautiful views of the mountains, rivers, and the ocean. At this point, you’ll either be stunned to silence or screaming for joy! It’s an indescribable feeling that you will never forget!

a man flying through the air while riding skis

The Foolproof Landing

The awesome finale – a soft landing, and an immediate desire to get up there and do it all over again! At this point, what we really love is seeing people unable to wipe the smiles off their faces! This can last for a few days. If you have your cameraperson with you, they will be on the ground to film your landing as we return. Congratulate yourself! You’ve done it!

a group of people that are standing in the grass