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Skydive Coaching

What a brilliant place to continue your solo learning experience!

If you have completed your first jump training course and have been cleared for solo, you couldn’t find a more welcoming place to get your skill levels right up there.

Our drop zone is renowned for epic views, fantastic coaches, comprehensive training ‐ and for offering the best weather of any training location in New Zealand.

At Skydive Abel Tasman, we will assess your skills and design and implement an individual plan that meets all industry standards and regulations.

  • All jumps from 13,000 feet
  • All equipment and training supplied
  • Purpose-built training facilities
  • Low student-to-instructor ratio for one-on-one learning for the best learning environment
  • All-year-round skydiving
  • Training is tailored to your needs

Be a qualified and certified skydiver in under 14 days, (weather and performance permitting).

Become an internationally certified skydiver – how epic is that?!

"A" Certificate:

At Skydive Abel Tasman you can gain a New Zealand Parachute Certificate (NZPIA A Certificate or Licence) that is equivalent to the FAI and IPC standards.

If you’ve completed your AFF rating or are cleared for solo skydiving in New Zealand, our A Certificate course is one of the most comprehensive in NZ, developing both your formation and canopy flying skills through one-on-one coaching.

Course includes:

  • 9 stage advanced canopy training program
  • Packing course – teaching you to pack your own parachute

Qualification and timeframe:

  • NZPIA A Certificate
  • Allow 7 more days weather permitting

“B” Certificate:

The NZPIA B course is for those who are serious about their skydiving and want to get ahead quickly!

This develops your skydiving and formation skydiving skills much further. It is incredible what you will achieve with our expert coaching in 30 days.

Endorsement to the level of NZPIA B Certificate covers:

  • Certificate (25 jumps)+
  • 19 Consolidation jumps +
  • 5 Coaching jumps +
  • 3 way formations and
  • 4 way formation which you organise
  • Allow 30 Days weather permitting