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Experience New Zealand’s only helicopter skydive at the most iconic Skydive NZ locations across the scenic South Island.

Skydive Franz Josef Helicopter Skydive with Helicopter

Why jump from a Helicopter?


Besides it being really cool – it’s a completely unique experience that’s only offered commercially in a few locations around the world.

The smooth flight and speed of the aircraft means it’s a short ride to altitude, were we slow right down so you can hover above the beautiful views, with less air rushing that provides an exciting feeling during the first few seconds of the jump.

The seating arrangement is comfortable with huge windows so you have the chance to really enjoy the spectacular views before your tandem master launches you through the sky for the most thrilling free fall of a lifetime!

Our instructor camera package is included in the jump, so you can go home with plenty of images and videos to prove you got the closet a human can get to actually flying!

The question really is – what are you waiting for?!?


Helicopter Skydive Logo

Skydiving from a plane is still pretty cool though – check out all our bases and drop in for a special thrill on your next adventure to the south.