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New Zealand Skydiving Bucket List Experience with Will

Whilst cruising around New Zealand with the awesome Flying Kiwi Tours, Will and Chantelle Tang did something that they never thought was on the cards for their kiwi adventure, they jumped out of a plane with us at 13,000 ft!

“I’m totally afraid of heights, so I’m not sure how this is going to go…” Will expressed pre-jump. Skydiving was not on Chantelle’s bucket-list who put all her faith in her husband to plan their dream New Zealand trip. “I knew NZ was the adventure capital but no, I did not think I would be skydiving… I didn’t plan the trip,” Chantelle says laughing with Will.

It wasn’t hard for to Chantelle to leave the planning to Will as he is a fairly seasoned traveller with an inspiring blog Going Awesome Places showcasing his epic adventures.

Upon landing, Will & Chantelle were over the moon with their jumps. “Man, it was insane, sensory overload across the board, amazing views! Definitely, a must do!

We were so stoked to show Will & Chantelle the most epic view in the world, Abel Tasman from above!

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