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Making Trax

Skydivefranz is excited to announce a partnership recently made with Making Trax!, this travel company is especially accommodating to persons with disabilities within the realm of adventure and tourism. Adventure Tourism is an extremely rewarding and rapidly changing industry, striving to meet a wide range of people of different cultures and abilities. Skydivefranz is fully embracing the education, information and adaptation around the opportunities Making Trax provide. This tourism company provides the link between the client and their adventurous desires! Making dreams come true everyday. When making a booking through this company for a Skydive with us, we will be happy to be informed of all necessary information and communicate this with our team to make our clients experience safe, fun and provide the Skydive of a lifetime!

We had the pleasure of meeting with Ross Ormsby and Laurane Dufour, before their skydive with us. Ross has had the eye opening opportunity to travel New Zealand in seek of adventure and tourism companies partnering with Making Trax. Ross and his carer Laurane came to our reservations office to greet our team and chat with us about his condition as tetraplegic and what alterations needed to be made to make his experience the most comfortable. We have specialist harnesses used for our tandem skydives that are made to adjust for people with a range of disabilities. Not only was Ross happy to be able to experience a Skydive at 16,500ft we were also able to make Lauranes dreams come true. She was extremely helpful and co-operative with all the logistics of making Ross’s skydive the most comfortable.

Check out these awesome snapshots of the skydive! Visit @adevntureswiththatguyross on Instagram –  Facebook & YouTube, to follow all his travels. for more help and information. 


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