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Skydiving Video & Photography

High Definition Creativity – Shooting Multiple Angles

Our technology allows us to take multiple angle shots in high definition, which means the record of your jump is superb. You’ll scream and laugh all over again when you see it!

We can offer you to get your whole experience to be captured in two different ways:

Instructor Cam – Inside Camera
Choose to be filmed by your Tandem Master and get the up-close shots that will capture every expression as you leap out of the plane.
Choose from photos, or photos and video.

Personal Photographer – Outside Camera
Choose to be filmed by a separate cameraperson and get our epic day captured from an outside perspective with full panoramic views over the area as well as a jumping buddy during our experience of a lifetime.

Best of Both Combo – Inside & Outside Camera
Treat yourself and get the best of both worlds by choosing the Instructor Cam + Personal Photographer and get both photos and videos.

**Personal Photographer and Best of Both are dedicated packages and cannot be pre-booked online. Please enquire at check-in on the day of your skydive to add-on, subject to availability. 

a man flying through the air while riding skis

Personal Photographers - Expert Camera Flyers, Photographers and Acrobats

Specially trained to capture you up close thousands of feet in the air!

They hang outside of the plane, waiting for the moment you dive…

…then impressively control their movements to join up with you and film the very best perspectives.

a group of people riding skis on a snowy surface

Your Once in a Lifetime Experience Captured on Film - Watch It, Love It, Share It

Your video is professionally edited and mixed with music on the spot after your jump

It’s great to have a brilliant high definition record of one of the most epic things you will ever do. We highly recommend it.

Get 70-150+ shots and an edited video that will be delivered to you online on the day. All at your fingertips, relive your skydive, upload it and share it right after your jump.

  • Instructor Cam – Inside Camera
    • Photos & Video $229
  • Personal Photographer – Outside Camera
    • Photos & Video $299
  • Best of Both Combo – Inside & Outside Camera
    • Photos & Videos $399

**Personal Photographer and Best of Both are not currently available at Skydive Mount Cook, but will make a sweet return soon!

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