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15,000ft Tandem Skydive – Mt. Cook

Quick Details

Parental or guardian consent is required for anyone under 18. Children under 12 should be evaluated on an individual basis. We encourage people of all ages.


Experience a 15,000 ft Tandem Skydive Mt. Cook/Aoraki

Take the jump! On this 15,000 ft skydive, you enjoy a 10-minute scenic flight, up to 65 seconds of free-fall time, and 3-5 minutes under the parachute.

You are paired with a professional Tandem Master who will look after you every step of the way on this tandem skydiving adventure. We’ve had nearly 100,000 happy customers have the best day of their life with us. Come dive from the most beautiful drop zone in the world.

**This jump is only available by direct booking.
To make a booking please call our base on +643 9760516 

15000 ft Skydive Photography Packages

All skydive videos include a pre-jump interview, footage on your way to altitude in the plane, scenery and free-falls shots and a post-jump interview.

1) Instructor Camera – NZ$229

Choose to be filmed by your Tandem Master and get the up-close shots that will capture every expression as you free fall from the plane. This package films the entire skydive experience from a close – up wide angle lens.

2) Personal Photographer – Outside Camera – $299

A personal photographer is a separate skydiver who jumps with you wearing the camera equipment on their helmet. The outside perspective includes full panoramic views over the beautiful region, during your freefall experience. A jumping buddy that will capture you pre-jump and meet you on the ground for a post jump interview.

3) Best of Both  – Personal Photographer & Instructor Cam – $399

This epic experience of a lifetime can be captured in two different ways, includes photos and videos from both your Tandem Masters camera and your personal photographer.

**Personal Photographer and Best of Both are dedicated packages and cannot be pre-booked online. Please enquire at check-in on the day of your skydive to add-on, subject to availability.