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10,000 ft. Tandem Helicopter Skydive 

The only place in New Zealand where you can jump out of a helicopter!

Quick Details

Under 12 years old are unable to participate

Per Person 10,000 ft Skydive - instructor camera included

10,000 ft. Helicopter Skydive – Franz Josef

The only tandem helicopter skydive experience in New Zealand!

Helicopter skydiving is a unique experience that is only offered commercially in only a few locations worldwide. We are the only drop zone in New Zealand where you can tick it off your bucket list in one of the most beautiful place on earth – Franz Josef!

Enjoy a smooth helicopter flight to altitude above insane West Coast views of mirror glaciers, towering mountains and striking coastlines  – where the helicopter comes to a hover at 10,000ft, take in the spectacular view before your tandem master launches you through the sky for the most thrilling free fall of a lifetime!

Tandem skydiving is the fastest, easiest and safest way for an inexperienced skydiver to enjoy the thrill of jumping out of a plane or helicopter, free falling through the sky at 200kph/120mph and floating safely to the ground under a parachute. The system includes a harness and parachute system for both the passenger and the instructor to share, so you can simply enjoy the thrill of the experience knowing your instructor has everything under control.

PLUS – our Instructor Cam package is already included as part of your skydive to ensure you go home with heaps of photos and videos that capture the memories (and prove you actually did it!)

Why jump from a helicopter over a plane?

The flight is smooth and the speed of the aircraft means it’s a short ride to altitude, were we slow right down so you can enjoy the beautiful views even more, with less air rushing that provides an exciting feeling during the first few seconds of the jump! The seating arrangement is comfortable with huge windows to really enjoy the views on your way up. It’s a rare experience you can’t find anywhere else, especially with the views at Franz Josef! – and simply – its really cool!!

 It’s the closest a human can get to really flying – what are you waiting for?!?

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helicopter tandem skydivers free fall over mountains and coastline

Skydive Franz Josef Helicopter Skydive Freefall with views