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Skydive Sensory Overload!

March 2020

Dariya was on holiday touring the West Coast and chose Skydive Franz for an adventure of a lifetime – jumping out of an aeroplane at 16500ft over the Southern Alps! Skydive Franz is one the most beautiful Dropzones in the world.

Dariya could not stop smiling from take off until she returned to planet earth. Her flight to altitude took about 20 minutes. There was a moment just before exit where she felt as though time had stopped and then she was flying! Freefall was a mad rush of sound and wind. “It was incredibly intense,” said Dariya. “Then there was a big jerk followed by peaceful quietness.”

Dariya said she had absolute trust in her tandem master, Robbie. He made it possible for her to just relax and enjoy the whole experience. Her highlight was when he allowed her to control the parachute for a while, giving her full control. She had never felt so free and empowered. The twist in the tale? Dariya is blind. This courageous lady does not allow her blindness to get in the way of her passion for life and adrenaline. What an inspiration.

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